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Exam today. The oral I had mentioned. Got an 8. Pleased.

Going to see Pride & Prejudice at the movies tomorrow. HOPE they actually get Brokeback Mountain eventually, I'd like to see that!

My cousin's b-day is on the 8th. Technically tomorrow (it's just past midnight here). He'll be...only 17. Aw. LoL. Got him his present already. Dunno what we'll be doing...just going out or ??

*sighs* wish there were more interesting things to do here. Options - movie theater, go for coffee/food, go to someone's place. There IS one club but *shudders* it is HORRIBLE there. Went once for my freshmen party type thing when I started uni. here.

There HAVE been a couple of local gigs held, and that was fun...but there aren't many and hardly anyone else is willing to come w/ me when they DO happen.

Canada, here I come! Yeah, I'll be coming this summer. Just not sure yet whether I'll be staying for 4 weeks (ie. all of August) or Aug.+ Sept.

We'll see.

Ooh, the other day I saw a loverly black dress shirt and red tie - will buy. Both seem so gender-neutral and I love 'em. Together (and with tax) they cost $32.14 CAN. (or $18.63+tax for the shirt and $9.32+tax for the tie). Not bad, right?

That's all. I'm off now.

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