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Yay, 20's!

It's February 7th, 2006 here in Bosnia, while in Canada tis still February 6th. So, here it's my birthday, there, it will be in 4 hours. (Here it's 2am, in Canada 8pm).

At a coffee earlier today (technically yesterday) got 2 happy birthday wishes from 2 gal-friends here in town.

Then, only minutes after the stroke of midnight (here) another friend of mine, Mirsada, sent the first wish on the day of my actual birthday to my cell.

Then, about an hour later, the second happy birthday wish of the day arrived by e-mail. Twas from Liz. "You have received a new mail message from Elizabeth Effinger" my MSN Messenger kindly informed me. Yup.

THUMP. Thump-thump. Thump-thump-THUMP. What a surprise. I thought it had long gone. (That's a lie and I know it).

I had been thinking not too long ago how it finally happened...full movement away. At least in A way. A moment.

It is different now. I've grown. Up. Away. Become stronger. Built up walls. Of concrete. Breakable by a single tear. Become "stronger". It may seem. Until a moment. A word. A thought.

Space. Time. Oh, what wonders! Oh, how they deceive! Another fresh coating. Keep moving further away. Layers. Upon layers. A scratch. Unveil the truth!

Simple are the ways of the heart. Key word: PERMANENT.

But at least time and space add the illusion none of us could survive without!

And with these HAPPY LOVELY thoughts - it's time to start...the 20's!

Over and OUT

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