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Update time!

Okay, so I really haven't been posting here AT ALL lately...

Regarding "the boy" - that's all long gone... after a wonderful 3 days at his apartment at the end of May/beginning of June we exchanged a few messages (by way of cell phone) and it just sort of evaporated after that... I actually saw him for a second tonight from a distance. So, it appears he's back in town. I didn't want to go say hi and he didn't see me as far as I could tell. It was good and fun while it lasted but it was clear that it wasn't something either of us wanted to invest in. So it functioned perfectly well when it did.

As far as eye-candy/romantic-interests go... there was the (assumed to be) straight gal... we hung out a lot for a while (I mean a group of us, not alone), but then, being that most of the group consisted of out-of-town students, they all moved back home for the summer and it's likely I won't see them till September (exam time). And besides, this was no huge interest being that I really didn't establish a huge connection with her...

Some old feelings have been re-arising... for what I used to call my best friend here. The one who has the boyfriend she's been with for 2.5yrs now (who I also used to consider one of my best friends here). Unfortunately, 8 months ago (nearly 9 now, actually), our friendship fell apart and all communication ceased (not by my or my cousins' will, but theirs-mainly hers). But nearly two weeks ago, we talked to them and have an agreement to be "acquaintances" (ie. basically just say hi to each other when we cross paths, which is nearly every night).. again, this was their decision, not ours. Now that I've seen her smiling at me again, it's sort of awaken some old feelings... but not too much. Just a hint of those feelings, which were super-strong about a year and a half to two years ago...

AAND there's one more "romantic-interest"... another boy. But he has a girlfriend he's been with for nearly 3 years now... We've been hanging out TONS this past week... 6 out of 7 days! And the one day we didn't go out was a day I used as a "hang-over day" to recover. We started hanging out last Tuesday when his gf was at the sea with her family (it was my two cousins I'm constantly with, him, and two of his friends..yes, me and 5 boys). The gf came back Sunday night, so last night and tonight she had joined us...actually last night there was another group of people with us too. Lots of dread-heads... 1st the guy I'm interested in... then one guy who was there that night (who might have us doing some vocals on his band's album), that guy's gf also has a FEW dreads in her hair (maybe 2 or 3) then another guy has two dreads (the rest of his hair is short), and I guess that about covers it.

As for the "interest-boy"... he's my age, actually a few months younger (he'll be 20 this Sunday). So, a big change from the nearly 8 years older boy I had that little something with a couple of months ago... And this one seems MUCH more suited to me.. the only thing we seem to "disagree" on is music. He listens to nearly nothing but punk. I'm not a huge fan of punk. Most of it I can handle, some I actually like, and some I dislike. He's given me a bunch of CDs to take a listen to, and well that was my general conclusion - I can HANDLE most of it (ie. I don't mind listening to it). But it definitely can't compare to the likes of Radiohead/Smashing Pumpkins/Matt Good/Tegan and Sara/...

I've actually got a fondness of Reggae and Dub and similar music recently... on some sort of arbitrary scale of music I like, I'd have to put metal at the bottom, above it techno/electronic/whatever, above that punk, above that classical, above that reggae then dub, and then the actual stuff I really listen to (to be general, let's call that rock). Oh and folk, like Ani DiFranco and similar artists would go hand-in-hand with dub. (What they call "folk" here in Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia isn't even on the list because I like NONE of it).

Returning to the boy... his gf is also veeery nice and I like her lots (as a person..sexually I feel next to no attraction *cough* maybe a LITTTTTLE bit). But I do wonder whether or not they'll stay together. In my experience, there haven't been too many couples who started dating at the age of 14/16 and stayed together for more than a few years... (now they're 17/19 - well, he'll be 20 in a few days as I said). Then again, they could be one of the rare couples that do stay together... Either way, they're cute together, so if they stay together, I'm relatively glad.. if they break up and I'm still interested then yay I have a chance..

Oh, interesting fact... my "ex-best-friends" (the ones I haven't hung out with in the past 9 months) used to hang out with my "interest-boy" and his gf a lot after our friendship ended... but then they stopped hanging out too (after "interest-boy" and gf got into a quarrel with another couple who hung out with them and my "ex-best-friends"). Yay for these lovely labels. Lots of connections there it seems... There are a few more connections through friends' siblings and so on, but it would sound too obscure unless I really went into detail and explained who's who to who.

OOOH! One more thing - I got a new hair-cut! Yup. Tis shorter now... and my right side is close to has something like stripes there... the left side is longer... Me likes it. Not sure what I'll do after this grows out a bit - either do the same thing, different style but still short, or grow it out... Actually considering the last option and then dreading it... but I also worry because I know I'm not one for keeping one hair style for a long time, and I have a fondness of dreads and so I feel like I'd like to have them for a while..but at the same time I feel like I'd need a change after a few months...hmm maybe hair-dye can help me there... We'll see.

So. This entry is far too disorganised and long and full of useless thoughts and facts but who cares, it's mine, if you read it, don't complain - nobody forced you (I hope not, at least). And at least I used an LJ-cut to save folks from useless scrolling.
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