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It. Has. Happened.

As of yesterday, Ari has officially got herself a boyfriend (and *whispers* she lost her virginity last night). No, I can't even BELIEVE it.

To add to the issue, today, the girl I mentioned earlier - Maja - contacted me...sent me a message told me she's been in the hospital and she hasn't forgotten me...


Boy. Girl. Boy. Girl. Girl. Boy. BOTH?!

Couldn't I have both?

I so long to have both.

I rrrreally like them both (well, I barely know the girl, but still).

Grrr... How is it that Ari is single for.. a good 3 and a half years now, and then suddenly has TWO opportunities, a day apart from each other, to be with those she likes?! No fair.

If only they'd both be ok with me being with both of them... *sigh*

To think, just a few short weeks ago, I was complaining about not having anyone interested in me that I'm interested in...and not getting any "action" - be it kissing or anything more. And now... last night..and more opportunities seem to be arising.

Major. Dilemma.

*rips hair out*

PS. To add to all the "excitement", my parents are coming here tonight from Canada. My sister is getting married this Saturday (the 20th). Exams are coming soon. I have started giving drum lessons to a girl in 7th grade. GAHHH! Too much to deal with all at once!
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