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School, Internet and CANADA

Bah! I have an exam on Monday and I really truly don't feel like studying for it. Well, I mean, some of the stuff I already know, but it's a BOOK. Pah. I would need A LOT of time to really know all of it.

Hopefully the prof won't hassle me much (as I'm either the only, or one of two students taking this exam now). Anyway, the oral portion of the exam is only about 25% or so (the only part I have left - I've done the essay portion and the written exam). Should be fine... I have around 8 right now (scale is: 5 is a fail, 6-10 are passes). So, I should be fine and can probably get an 8 or so.

So, classes started this week. Have lectures this weekend (well, Fri&Sat there's a prof out of town coming), same w/ next weekend, and the one after that. GAH! How am I to survive this madness???


Been online less (much less) the last few days... looks like the initial internet craze has finally worn off! Thank goodness... I was staying online till around 4am every night! I guess I needed the first month and a bit to "catch up" being that I've been net-free for so long.

So, I'm off now. Just wanted to post a short update.

OOOH, and I've decided - I MUST pass all my exams by July because I don't want to spend all of September doing that! I wanna be in CANADA all of August and September! So, must study! Must figure out how to pass the friggin' exam giving *EVERYONE* trouble. PAH! We'll see. Worst case: I only stay in Canada for 4 weeks (in August).

I'm off.

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