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Updating "normally"

So, let's actually update this thing now in a "true" way that I used to..describing thoughts, feelings, happenings and so on.

I'm sort of watching the Grammies as I write's being shown on a Croatian TV station (hmm...started at 11:45pm here...which was 5:45pm over in Canada..on Feb.9th - when WERE the actual Grammies?? I doubt this could be live...they usually start around 8/9pm).

Anyhoo... let us see. What's up in Ari's little head these days?

I think I have more "objective" opinion-type things I could write that come to mind rather than emotions or something like that. Hmm... really have no idea what to say. Can that be? Maybe I'm just not used to writing this anymore... So, I'll just write what I AM thinking about then.

The whole issue regarding those pictures published in a Danish newspaper and the Muslims' reactions...

First off. There are evidently two sides to the argument that are self-evident (offending people's religions/beliefs and freedom of speech/press).

I don't side with either. Actually, I simply believe that whatever the law of the country decides is fine (that this freedom of speech needs to be restricted in cases where it's imposing on others' rights) or that freedom of speech can always, 100% of the time be practiced. Either way is fine, in my opinion, but the important issue is to be CONSISTENT and EQUAL in treatment.

What I mean here is, if news-media can be fined for displaying something that mocked the Pope (in a country with freedom of speech) then in this case, the newspaper can at least APOLOGIZE for any damage/offense their cartoons may have caused. OR, alternatively, all other cases of religious mockery should not have had legal repercussion either! Simply put, EQUAL TREATMENT.

That's one thing. Another thing to look at here is the REACTION of a lot of the Muslims! You would think that if someone is TRYING to make you look bad, you're gonna try and prove them WRONG by not doing exactly what they claimed you're like! Instead, these folks promoted the idea that they're violent by actually responding violently and making violent threats! In my opinion, these aren't the people that the cartoons were offending, really, because they aren't MUSLIMS, because Islam does not approve of violence. So, acting this way goes against everything they supposedly believe in. This was wrong and stupid of them.

I'm disgusted by both sides of this issue. The newspaper SHOULD have apologized in my opinion (or not printed the articles in the first place, either-or) AND regardless of the issue, the "Muslims" should not have responded in a way that at its best promotes violence! For crying out loud, didn't they see that that was the POINT?! They PRINTED the cartoons so as to provoke this sort of reaction and prove that Muslims ARE terrorists, or at the very least violent people. They should have been smart enough to know that the only way to TRULY be true to their faith AND to get a positive response out of people was to be the bigger "person" and simply say something to the effect of "what you did was very offensive and if you don't think you should be apologizing for it, you should be ashamed of yourselves. This act rests upon your conscience". That would have been VERY consistent with the Islamic faith and would have painted a POSITIVE picture of them, instead of further portraying them as nothing but violent terrorists!

*shakes head* All this makes me sad. To know how silly people act.

That's enough on that...

Maybe I'll post some other issues circling around my head in the next few days (the main ones having to do w/ gender as well as the origin of existence, the latter less so, it's just that I've "formulated" now what's been in my head for years...the former has also been in my head for years, but I don't think I've ever really discussed it much). There are of course other things floating around my head as well, but those are the things that came to mind at least.

Oh, I'll also mention something MUSICAL! A great band! (whose music is (legally) DOWNLOADABLE)

There's this band I've been listening to a lot lately, called Negative. They're from Serbia and Montenegro (one of the ex-Yugo my neighbours) and so, I figured I'd post a link to their site.

So, check out Negative's site. To navigate, I think after clicking one of the milk-cartons (the right one claims to require a Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon machine), the site will load and the woman (lead-singer and main composer of their music/lyrics) will be can't do anything on the site until she finishes. When she does, you can click on the green leaves, which mean, in order, "About us", "Media", "Music", "Forum", "News". In the "Media" section, there is the following (in order): Gallery, Music Videos, Winamp Skins, Wallpapers. Everything else should be self-explanatory.

Suppose you click on "Music". Yellow leaves will show up...on them are album titles. I don't know why they didn't list them in chronological order, so I will (least to most recent): 1. XIX.V.MM, 2. Negative, 3. Ni ovde ni tamo (meaning "neither here nor there"), 4. Tango. There are no sound clips from the first album. The two albums that followed are available to stream completely, and there are 4 songs off of Tango.

Or, if you'd like to DOWNLOAD their stuff, you can get full mp3 access to their complete 2nd album Negative, and to their 3rd album Ni Ovde Ni Tamo. And the 4 songs from the last (4th) album, Tango, are also available. I'd very much recommend you download some demos for the current, 4th album which are actually in ENGLISH (there are new versions of these exact songs on the album Tango, except in Serbian... I guess the singer first writes in English but then decides to re-write the lyrics in her mother-tongue). At least that's what I gathered based on these demos and the actual album.

Also, you can download all their music vids. Divx are the best quality, but are also the largest files, so pick and choose the quality as you like.

And with that I'm OUT!
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